“Maier, Sturiale, Chiarion” Trio – 2012

Here you will find some pictures taken from our last gigs with a new project together with Giovanni Maier on doublebass and Federico Chiarion on drums!


{japopup type=”slideshow” content=”images/photogallery/MSC_Trio_2012/1.jpg, images/photogallery/MSC_Trio_2012/2.jpg,images/photogallery/MSC_Trio_2012/3.jpg, images/photogallery/MSC_Trio_2012/4.jpg,images/photogallery/MSC_Trio_2012/5.jpg, images/photogallery/MSC_Trio_2012/6.jpg” width=”180″ height=”120″ title=”Maier, Sturiale, Chiarion Trio – 2012 – Wine Cafè 1628, Italy”} Photo Gallery > {/japopup}

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