“Jan is an excellent musician. He actively performs, writes and teaches music at a high level. He displays excellent technique on the guitar. He is also a prolific composer, writing his own music and performing it regularly.
On a personal level, Jan is a warm and sincere individual. I consider him to be the ideal peer to musicians in the professional world. He is easy to work with and highly professional.”

Tim Miller, Guitarist

“Jan possesses a dynamic and individualistic voice as a musician and a unique sense of direction and accomplishment. I have marveled at his appetite for hard work, his stamina, his motivation, his freshness and inspiration, and his perpetual search for the very best results. It’s no surprise that he already has reached the forefront of the musical scene.””
Jan is a complex individual, a piercing intellect coupled with a depth of feeling. These characteristics are manifested equally in his music. His warmth and profound emotion permeate his music, which is filled with personality and diversity of mood.

Vardan Ovsepian, Pianist

“I had the pleasure of working on an album with Jan in July 2013. While I had already been aware of Jan’s prowess as an artist prior to meeting him, I was blown away by his professionalism and abilities both as a musician and as a leader.”

Damian Erskine, Bassist

“His knowledge, experience and originality make his work exceptional, He has an understanding of both American and ltalian music and has developed aesthetics combining the two traditions.”

Sid Jacobs, Guitarist

“His work ethic, focus, and drive distance him from many with whom I’ve worked. His online guitar education site is very impressive. Jan is the type of musician who adds to the spirit of a musical group.”

Rick Peckham, Guitarist

“Jan is an accomplished guitarist possesing extraordinary skill and imagination on the instrument. He has not only a natural music sense, but a dedicaton that is required to be a fine musician. In additio, he has contributed much to the world of music education. I highly recommend Jan and feel he would be an huge asset to any artistic community.”

Steve Cardenas, Guitarist

“His tecnique and passions are truly exceptional. He is also a wonderful teacher and has a first class instructional website. Jan has both the talent and work ethic to go far in his musical career.”

Dean Brown, Guitarist

“The compositions on Do not disturb The Peace establish a passages structure which can be observed in all tracks: a musical pattern is developed in changing textures. Thus, this makes the album enjoyable for the wider public, due to the strong melodies that amplify the core concept. This melodic prominence is, indeed, increased with the vocal lines present in different tunes.”

All About Jazz Magazine

“Jan Sturiale is part of the unconventional group of jazz musicians that mix the tradition of creative jazz language with the spirit of rock music and a classical background. His ability to translate his varied musical influences into a coherent jazz language gives his compositions a distinctive character.

This versatility makes of him one of the most in-demand guitar players in the Italian jazz scene; the country where he has developed his professional career.”

Jazz in Europe Website

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