Building Blocks

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Yesterday while I was finishing my video for Video Guitar Education TV “Mastering Modes – Part I” I thought how important is to have have solid foundations to develop your musicality.

Sometimes we’re getting lost with complex concepts and topics forgetting that in music, as in other disciplines, fundamentals are important.
Especially young guitarists tend to see at the most difficult information they can get especially now in the internet era, thinking that this is probably the way to follow forgetting the “Building Blocks”.

Talking about improvisation there’s nothing magical about improvising, except the great feeling you get when you hit the right notes. In this series of video at VGE we will try to explain as well as possible how to improvise over chord changes and help you to get inside harmony and theory on your fretboard.

I’m not telling you not study complex material, yes if you dig it just do it, but don’t forget that the majority of great musicians and improviser out there build up their strengthness by studying fundamentals.

Think about the area of studies where you need improvement and start to test yourself. Study music is a long-life process so it’s always good to think about where we need more strength.

Are you looking to improve your guitar scale knowledge, arpeggios, triads, build your technique and learn to improvise over chords changes?


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