New Record Coming Out


Finally my new record will be out this late summer. It was a privilege working with pianist Marko Churnchectz, trumpet player Audun Waage and Joe Sanders and Ziv Ravitz as rhythm section.

We recorded all my new music in 2 days at the Samurai Hotel Studios in Astoria, N.Y. a fantastic new studio owned by David Stoller. I learned so much just staying with these musicians for a couple of days.

For me music it’s all about enviroment and creating relationship with other musicians…it’s a huge aspect that’s why I try to stay as active as possibile and challenge my self as much as I can.

The delivery – The new record will be an almost entirely digital release. I will only press a limited number of CD’s to sell at gigs. The record will be available on Bandcamp as well as on iTunes and other online music seller. It’s really not difficult to get high quality product without having to press, package and ship physical products.

The listener can select from a great range of high quality digital formats to suit your listening tastes.

Still not sure on title but I’ll let you know as soon as the artwork will be ready this summer!

That’s it for now. Have an awesome June. I look forward to meeting some of you out on our gigs!—this summer.

Summer July 2016 DATES

JAN STURIALE TRIO July 2nd – Baladoor Jazz Festival – Koper – SLOVENIA

JAN STURIALE TRIO + MARKO CHURNCHETZ July 14th @ Strofe Dipinte di Jazz Festival 2016 – Romans (GO) – ITALY

High fives,


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